White-label ticketing solutions 

Sell tickets directly from your website

Keep attendees on your website and deliver an end-to-end experience with high conversions.

In the past, Event Organisers were held back by the confines of their ticketing system.

Not anymore, our white-label ticketing solutions mean you can build a custom check-out that perfectly matches your website and brand.

With IWannaTicket's white-label integration you have the freedom to create a seamless checkout experience that sells more tickets.

We have 2x options to integrate the ticket-buying process into your website which we explore below.

1. Templated Check-out

Tried and tested ticketing flow for high conversions

No developer required

Match your branding

Same day set up

Embed once and it dynamically updates based on your back-end changes

Multi-event solution with cart

Who is this solution for?

The Templated Check-out suits organisers of events big and small. From small-scale shows and festivals to major events with complex requirements.

Case study: Bleach Festival


Multi-event solution enabling attendees to purchase tickets to multiple events in one transaction

Each event in the program has its own page on website.

Sell tickets directly from the website with consistent branding throughout.

A robust ticketing system that is tried and tested.


Bleach Festival leveraged our Templated Check-out to deliver a seamless experience for their attendees. Set-up and implementation was pain-free and fast!

Watch the screencast below to view Bleach’s customer ticketing journey:

2. Custom Check-out

Custom design the entire ticket selection and check-out process by connecting to our robust ticketing system via API:

Create a bespoke check-out in your branding

Design every step of the customer journey

Freedom to design your own cart for multi-event purchases

Any changes dynamically update meaning you can ‘set and forget’ post API integration

Who is this solution for?

If you want to control the entire customer journey, this product is for you. You might be building a completely new website from scratch like the example below or be ready to take your existing website to the next level. Have the confidence to build what you need to your design specifications knowing you’re backed by IWannaTicket’s robust API and ticketing system.

Case study: Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI)


To create an immersive online customer experience inviting attendees into a world like no other

FODI wanted complete control to build a custom ticketing flow reflecting their brand and event structure.

Each event in the program needed its own page on their website.

Ability for attendees to purchase tickets to multiple events in one transaction via a cart.

The backing of a robust ticketing system.


Using our API integration, FODI had the freedom to design a website and ticketing flow perfectly suited to their event and brand. They created a beautiful, bespoke website for their attendees and were supported by our intuitive and robust ticketing system.

Watch the screencast below to view FODI’s custom customer ticketing journey:

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