COVID-Safe Ticketing Solution


IWannaTicket has developed a simple and robust solution that enables Event Organisers to implement their Industry Standard Safe Plan and host events in this uncertain time.

To host a COVID Safe event you must capture the name and contact details of every person who enters the event including attendees, staff, contractors, sponsors etc. This process is known as 'contact tracing' and it is an essential requirement for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, you must ensure adequate floor space per person. This can be achieved by capping the total number of attendees at an event and segregating attendees into separate sections ensuring dispersion of people and avoiding clumping around key areas like bars/food stalls, bathrooms or entry points.


IWannaTicket is one of Australia’s biggest independent ticketing companies. We create custom ticketing solutions for Event Organisers via our flexible ticketing platform and supportive local team.


IWannaTicket gives you the tools you need to deliver a COVID Safe Event via the following innovative solutions:

  • Registration of every stakeholder who enters your event via a simple online registration form. Stakeholders may include; attendees, members, staff, sponsors, sub-contractors etc. Registration can take place prior to event day or on event day via a simple QR code link.

  • Enabling one person to register multiple people, name and contact details are captured for every single attendee.

  • Facilitating scan on entry to record the entry time of every single stakeholder.

  • Controlling the flow of attendees via separate ticketed sections with capped attendance. This includes ensuring venues do not exceed the one person per four square metres guidelines.

  • Access to live data showing registration numbers and live scan data revealing the flow of people through separate sections of your event.

  • Enabling a simple refund process so attendees can be certain they can choose not to attend if they are feeling unwell at any time prior to the event. Additionally, if an event needed to be cancelled due to COVID, refunds for all customers can easily be applied.


  • Custom seating plans and seat selection ensuring social distancing.



How it works:


1. Online registration - attendees register their attendance online via our simple booking system.

  • Contact details of EVERY attendee are captured, eg. to register a family the patron must enter every attendees contact details.

  • Registrations are capped to match the venue's Covid safe capacity. This avoids crowding at the gate on the event day as the event will clearly show 'sold out'.

(We also enable on site registrations which is essential for contractors. The NYE events are likely to be very popular and sell-out online so on-site registrations may not be required for patrons).


2. Tickets - all registered attendees are emailed a ticket with a barcode that must be presented at the entrance gate to enter the venue.


  • You can customise the email attaching the ticket to include information about getting there on the day and any special conditions.

  • You can send out communications to all attendees prior to the event.


3. Scanning - all attendees are scanned into the venue via our simple and fast scanning system.

  • The scanning system ensures the maximum venue capacity can not be exceeded.

  • IWannaTicket's live dashboard shows the number of attendees in the venue at any time.

  • Our scanning system records time of entry and if required, we can scan patrons out of the venue, again providing live data.

  • We also have experience ensuring there is no congestion upon entry with superfast scanning and sufficient staffing.



Case Study - Shute Shield Rugby Competition



The Shute Shield is a semi-professional rugby union competition in Sydney. It is the premier grade club competition in NSW and comprises 13 clubs.


Prior to the pandemic, online ticket sales were a small portion of overall ticket sales to Shute Shield games. The vast majority of ticket sales were made on game day at the gate. Players, members and officials gained entry by flashing their respective cards for entry



This ticketing process did not require registration of the vast majority of people onsite at each game. 


Due to COVID regulations, every stakeholder who steps foot at an event must register their attendance. The Event Organiser must keep an accurate list including the contact details of every person who was onsite at each game.



IWannaTicket worked with the Shute Shield governing body and each club to implement a system that ensured every club could capture details of every person who was onsite at each game. 


This required the following changes to the ticketing processes for each game:

  • No tickets sold on the gate. Tickets had to be purchased online.

  • When multiple tickets were purchased, name and contact details for all ticket holders were captured.

  • Season pass holders had to pre-register online to confirm their attendance for each game

  • All players and officials who present plastic cards at the gate for entry must be scanned (each card has a name associated with it)

  • Each event space has been divided into sections to ensure the event maintains the required four square metres per person at all times. Each section is ticketed restricting the capacity and ensuring only eligible attendees are admitted.




Post-Event Reporting


At the conclusion of your event, IWannaTicket enables you to generate a report showing every person who was onsite by accreditation type. 


The detailed version of this report provides the name, mobile number, email address, accreditation type and time of entry for every person who was onsite at the event. 


In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, this report can be provided to authorities to assist with contact tracing. 


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